Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name Revealed?

A whole family to live for. A whole world to live for,” Kanye said about the mother and daughter on the Kris Jenner show aired Friday. Kanye added that his life has changed for good after becoming a father and he has also become more responsible. “To me it is such a blessing. I feel it is going to give me the stability that I need to really create and do god’s work. She (North) is someone to be accountable for and responsible for.” The doting grandmother Kris Jenner called baby Nori a great combination of both Kanye and Kim, “I think she is an amazing combination of the two of you.

I watched the two-hour special. I was with them on that journey,” he said. “I was on that roller coaster, and then the roller coaster just stopped, and they said, ‘Everybody off’ when we were right the top. I couldn’t get off. What, am I going to plummet to my death if I get out of the roller roast at this point,” Hill asked.

So now that Baby Kimye is born , the people of the Net are buzzing: What’s the baby’s name? Well, at MTV News, we took it upon ourselves to compile the greatest (and silliest) ideas out there. Take a look! Not knowing the name has a lot of people in agony. “It’s actually killing me that I don’t know the name of Kim Kardashian’s baby,” @gabarrattsmith wrote.

Kim Kardashian works off baby weight on hike with sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, resists perfect selfie opp

offshoots has been tucked away since the June 15 birth of her baby with rapper Kanye West . Kardashian, 32, is said to have “lost a lot of her baby weight,” a source close to the reality starlet told People. “She’s feeling great and looking forward to getting back in shape.” Also Kardashian is living at her mother’s Hidden Hills home. There, Kris Jenner’s personal chef is making Kim’s meals and light and healthy snacks, the mag said. The new mom is also “settling into a routine with her daughter,” the source added. “She’s happy with the way she looks but she knows she still has a way to go to get her pre-baby body totally back.” On her reality show, Kardashian became nostalgic about her pre-baby body and often posted photos of her fit and toned figure on Instagram during her pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian losing baby weight, explaining origin of ‘North’

And until then is limiting how much the public sees of her. Kim Kardashian has pretty much been in hiding since giving birth. Copyright: [Splash] The Kardashian has been visiting the gym in LA regularly even throughout the pregnancy and enlisted in the help of trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson. Tracy is also the trainer behind Taylor Swifts amazing pins and Gwyneth Paltrows amazing well, everything!


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