Kim Kardashian Posts North West Instagram Pic, Proves Nori Hates Her Mother (photo) | Celeb Dirty Laundry

However, North is turned away from the camera again. Either she really, really hates being photographed [which is possible] or shes dying to go back to playing with her nanny and getting away from this weird wax figure doll who keeps putting the camera close to her face. Im going with Option #2, only because North constantly looks like this next to Kim! It often looks like North is actively trying to get away from Kim, which is how babies react to strangers or people they dont know that well. And why would North know Kim?

Kim Kardashian Knows She’ll Get Pregnant Soon Because Her Psychic Told Her So

We’re not even going to talk about the fact that the show has a sites delay from events as they take place in real life, and Kim is still not pregnant today, despite the fact that it’s been months since her wedding. The psychic didn’t have things to say just about Kim, but also about her family. Khloe seemed really shocked when she heard what the specialist in seeing into the future had to say about her ever having a child of her own. She said you should get a sperm donor and the guy will come later, Kim revealed. Rob wasn’t left out of the equation either, since Kim is such a nice sister and usually makes inquiries about her entire family when visiting her mystic. She comforted Rob by telling him, Oh she said you should get a puppy and you’re not bipolar. Rob is known to be suffering from depression, but a puppy might not be the best cure for that.

Kim Kardashian Gushes Over Daughter North West, Reveals the Most Challenging Part of Motherhood | E! Online

“I love being a mom! Its the most rewarding feeling! I really love every phase! Just the way my daughter laughs with me, all of the small things in life you appreciate,” Kardashian told the website, adding that she found returning to work challenging because she didn’t want to spend any time away from North. And while most mothers probably don’t want to take parenting advice from any celebrity, let alone Kim Kardashian, she did offer a few tips when asked if she could share any wisdom for busy moms trying to balance careers and families. “It is an adjustment trying to balance a career and motherhood, for sure, but the key is to prioritize,” she told the website.

Kim Kardashian Shares Sweet Photo Of North West, Opens Up About Motherhood

Its the most rewarding feeling . I really love every phase! Just the way my daughter laughs with me, all of the small things in life you appreciate. Courtesy Romy & the Bunnies/Regina Yzadi Andalthough balancing her professional and personal lives has been an adjustment, Kardashian who just celebrated Norths first birthday with a Kidchella backyard bash hasfinally discovered atrick to making it all work. You become more selective and work on projects that are so meaningful because you want every other waking moment spent with your family , she says. You have to remember though to make time for yourself.

Kim Kardashian: ‘I Love Being a Mom!’ – Moms & Babies – Celebrity Babies and Kids – Moms & Babies –

While a number of family and friends attended the lavish party, the couple enjoyed a low-key family day in NYC on Nori’s actual birthday, which also happened to fall on Father’s Day. “Kanye and I took North to a few museums for her first birthday and had some family fun time,” Kim wrote on her blog , sharing a few adorable photos of her daughter. “It was also Father’s Day, which made it an even more perfect day in NYC. We had so much fun playing and running around, she had to nap on my shoulder. One of the best days Xo.” The pic of little Nori sleeping on Kim’s shoulder is seriously killing us with cuteness, and it couldn’t be more fitting, considering it goes hand-in-hand with Kim and North’s favorite activity!


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