Kanye West ‘debuted’ 20 New Songs At A London Club | Vibe

Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Kanye company website West’s Fans Cheered, Barely Booed at Wireless Festival Concert 20 hours ago View photo Kanye West’s Fans Cheered, Barely Booed at Wireless Festival Concert Must have been someone else! Kanye West’s recent performance at the Wireless Festival in the UK was anything but negative. Despite recent reports that the rapper was booed off stage, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm that the majority of West’s fans were extremely supportive throughout the entire night.
Source: https://celebrity.yahoo.com/news/kanye-wests-fans-cheered-didnt-boo-wireless-festival-230000590-us-weekly.html

Stacey Dash on Kanye West rape comments: He should go to Rikers Island | Fox News

Maybe the full ” Black Bruce Wayne ” could even make its debut. Over the past year, ‘Ye hasn’t been subtle about the follow-up to his 2013 LP Yeezus. “I think my next album is going to be eight songs,” West said at last year’s Art Basel. “It’s just reducing down the amount of information that you need. People say a design is the point where you can’t take anything else away. [Yeezus] was very, very designed.
Source: http://www.vibe.com/article/kanye-west-debuted-20-new-songs-london-club

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Miserable Already? | Reality TV Magazine

The rapper’s All Falls Down muse lashed out at West for his recent comments where he compared the paparazzi’s constant attention to rape. “For Kanye to say rape, maybe he needs to spend some time on Rikers Island Go to Rikers for a little while and then he’ll know what rape is,” the 47-year-old Clueless star said during a chat on FOX News’ Outnumbered show. “I don’t get celebrities not understanding that the paparazzi are doing their job.” ADVERTISEMENT RELATED PICS: Stars Who’ve Compared Paparazzi Work to Rape She added, “I don’t get celebrities not understanding that the paparazzi are doing their job.” During a performance at London’s 2014 Wireless Festival on July 4th, the 37-year-old hip-hop artist went on an all-too-familiar rant, telling the crowd, “I don’t care what you do in life, everybody needs a day off, everybody has the right to say, ‘You know what, I need a minute to breathe.’ I want to bring my family to the movies without 30 motherf*****s following me. Everybody here, they like sex right? Sex is great when you and your partner are like, ‘Hey, this is what we both want to do.’ But if one of those people don’t want to do that, what is that called?
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/07/10/stacey-dash-bashes-kanye-west-should-go-to-rikers-island/

Kanye West Will Fart After He Rants About Capitalism At Bonnaroo | Hip-Hop Wired

Apparently, while in Ireland, Kanye attempted to get Kim to check out some local museums and things of that sort, but Kardashian wasnt having any of it. Kanye now recognizes that Kims main interest are shopping and lounging around a pool. Its really concerning to Kanye that Kim doesnt even want to try to experience new things, the source went on to explain. How sad. Most folks would love a trip to Ireland, but not Kim. Whats more is that the site also claims out of 40+ days married, Kimye have only spent 9 nights together so far.
Source: http://realitytvmagazine.sheknows.com/2014/07/10/kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-miserable-already/

Kanye West’s Fans Cheered, Barely Booed at Wireless Festival Concert – Yahoo Celebrity

We may think these loquacious tirades are impromptu, but the truth is, Kanye West actually plans his performance sets to a T. Take his upcoming Bonnaroo setlist, for instance. Courtesy of Funny or Die , weve got our hands on his extremely detailed layout, which includes playing a wicked catalog of music before the Blood on the Leaves rapper goes into another one of infamous streams of consciousness. Only this time, hes talking some hard-core left field sh*t.
Source: http://hiphopwired.com/2014/07/10/kanye-west-will-fart-after-he-rants-about-capitalism-at-bonnaroo/


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