Kim Kardashian Is Sleeping Booty: ‘kuwtk’ Star Posts Racy Bikini Selfie On Instagram

After investigating, the officers found that the contact was “incidental” and Ray J initially agreed to leave the location. Ray J apparently changed his mind, however, as police say that he then refused to leave and became unruly. After police took him into custody, he reportedly kicked out the window of a patrol car, shattering the glass. Police also say that he spat at an officer. On Tuesday, ‘J pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual battery, vandalism, battery on a police officer and resisting a peace officer, the AP reports . He’s due back in court at the end of the month, and somewhere, deep in the bowels of Paris, a dour faced Kanye West just learned how to smile.

Kardashian Sex Tape Partner Charged With Sexual Battery

Kourtney bought the house back in January , after Johnson moved out of the home. He lived next to Justin Bieber and had once called police to complain about the pop stars driving. (Bieber later moved out and Khloe Kardashian bought that house.) Now, all months later, Kourtney had her decorator work on the home and the decorator allegedly found the mold, reports TMZ . The mold was only hid by a coat of paint. Her family was spending time in the Hamptons and were about to move back into the house. However, upon hearing about the mold, she decided to move to a hotel.

Kim Kardashian Naps in Tiny Bikini in Mexico: Picture – Us Weekly

Last month, they brought along their daughter North for a family vacation, but this time Kanye is there to work. West is reportedly working with his production team in Puerto Vallarta to record new music for an upcoming album while Kim sleeps in the sun and posts photos on Instagram. If you cant get enough of Kim Kardashian s selfies, youre in luck. Kim is publishing a new book, titled Selfish, that will be chock full of selfies of her face, her famous backside and various other photos of of her curvy figure. visit website

Kourtney Kardashian complains about mold in new home, old owner Keyshawn Johnson calls her a liar |

With her arms splayed above her head and her legs positioned to one side, Kardashian also gave a nearly-complete glimpse of her most-famous bodily asset: her booty. PHOTOS: Wow! See Kim’s post-baby bikini body pictures Kardashian revealed how she maintains her enviable glow to Us Weekly earlier this month while promoting her family’s Kardashian Sun Kissed Tanning line. “I lay out a little bit,” Kanye West ‘s wife told Us. “But, especially now that I have the baby, I don’t have time. When she’s napping, I do.” PHOTOS: The Kardashian family vacation album She also shared some tanning tips for busy moms who are constantly on the go.


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