My View: Odd Couplings For Music Collaborations Balance Between Good, Bad – The Daily Collegian: Arts & Entertainment

Rather, it sounds like a Snoop Dogg song with electronic background noises incredibly bland, lengthy and confusing. You want to say its so bad its good, but at minute four you feel like youve fallen into a hole and you cant get out. The Flaming Lips and Kesha- 2012 If you classify The Flaming Lips as indie-pop, maybe this collaboration makes a little more sense to you. Although the song feels a bit abrasive at first, Keshas voice pairs surprisingly well with the synth background provided by The Flaming Lips.

Justin Bieber Compares Himself To Princess Diana After Getting Rear-Ended By The Paparazzi – MTV

We’d expect nothing less for a Kardashian baby, as her reality star mother is known for wearing designer clothes for all occasions. The curvy mom was understandably excited about the gifts, posting pics of them on Instagram along with brief thank-you notes. OMG Baby bambi custom shirt for North!!! Thank you Riccardo! #Givenchy, she wrote alongside a picture of the shirt and a personal note from Riccardo Tisci, the creative director of Givenchy. Beyonce and Jay Z, longtime friends of Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, reportedly spent $10,000 on gifts for North .

Kanye West Could Be Working With Raury | Vibe

Trust me, Im not the type to take pity on multi-millionaires when they complain about the pittances of the rich and famous lifestyle, but the more that celebrities speak out about the behaviors of the paparazzi, the more that Ive come to see their side of things. As they work tirelessly for that exclusive picture or video, paparazzi can put celebrities in dangerous situations. While Justin seems to be fine after the car accident, hes no stranger to the dangers of these sorts of situations. A paparazzo who was taking pictures of Justins Ferrari died last year when he was struck by another car proving its a hazardous game from both sides.

Are Kim Kardashian And North West Twins? Look At Each Time The Reality Star And Her Daughter Dressed Alike

Now enter Raury, an 18-year-old rising Atlanta singer/songwriter, whose style MissInfo TV describes as “the middle ground somewhere between Andre 3000 and Kid Cudi,” has been rubbing elbows with ‘Ye, according to a new photo posted on the Internet forum KanyeToThe . Raury’s rep recently visit their website gave Complex the story behind the shot. “The photo was taken shortly after Kanye West saw the “God’s Whisper” video. ‘Ye personally flew Raury out and expressed that he was inspired by the visual,” the rep said.


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