Thompson Has 2 Goals For Bulls

Thompson gave Billings a 1-0 lead with a short-handed unassisted goal to start the game and added a second score in the second period in the NA3HL junior hockey game. Raifs Karells and T.J. Theodosoulos also scored goals for Billings. Ray Smith was in goal for the Bulls, making 19 saves. Copyright 2014 The Billings Gazette.

Fish Look Crazy With X-Ray Vision

That was one of the hottest rooms I’ve ever had especially after trying to hike it from one side of the building to the opposite on the top floor. I’m pretty sure most students who had Anatomy in that room at any point could agree that once you finally made it to class, you were exhausted physically. “It was ridiculous, but thank God I had a teacher who hated being hot so there were always, like, five fans circulating some form of air through the room.” DAVID PARKHILL ’80 Owner, Sullivan-Parkhill “As you know, student parking does not exist at Central other than on public streets. Back in the day, the city would write a lot of parking tickets in front of Central. They would chalk our tires during class and return after two hours to issue tickets. Between classes, we would run out to our cars to erase the chalk marks in an effort to avoid the tickets.

Local donors favor Cassidy in U.S. Senate Race |

In reality, we have to rely on the kindness of folks with real tech for a peek. So: Thanks, Smithsonian ! The cultural institution’s National Collection of Fishes is full of four million aquatic specimens, and specialist Sandra Raredon has been doing radiography on them for almost 25 years. Now, 40 prints are part of a new exhibition calledwhat else X-ray Vision: Fish Inside Out . Thanks to the internet (yay!), you can check out a cool selection on Flickr , each of which comes complete with a click through to an entry on the Encyclopedia of Life ; there you’ll find tons of additional info about each see-through organism, along with a pic of the creature in its normal, opaque state. Here’s a few of our faves:

The Big 10 with Jeff D’Alessio, Nov. 2, 2014 |

Friday Nite Ladies Trio League Joyce Eckenrode 196-595, Linda Nestor 197-547, Amy Bellotta 189-523, Jan Schultz 182-521. Thursday Night Sportsman League Brian Serrecchio 267-735, Tom Wagner 259-718, Scott Koonse 246-717, Lee Boda 236-703, Coda Henze 269-683, Richard Gunter 235-663, D J Fahndrich 245-652, Dan Dejanovic 221-639, Anthony Hopkins 223-636, Ed Reed 256-635, Chuck Sanor 269-635, Gary Boris 247-633, Jim Wess 235-633, Joe Serrecchio 223-631, Joe Vaught 223-630, John Greenlund 245-629, Joe Vaught Jr 243-618, Nick Gabrick 214-617, Matt Horvat 221-605, Matthew Cox 230-604. Try Hards League Dodie Baritell 204-543, Toni Krut 171-482, Rosie Cervone 195-473. Wedgewood Ladies Trio Rachael Lepor 259-722, Susan Carter 258-671, Grace Sciarra 235-658, Yolanda Marshall 215-586, Annie Bartoletti 231-582, Katie Zeljak 211-578, Kelli Podolsky 217-556. Monday Night Mixed Tim Campbell 262-703, Mark Pflager 279-724, Mary Gibson 223-653, Willie McGaha 244-645, Dave Hunsbarger 238-656, Monica Scherich 227-611, Bill Moxley 225-583, Nate Armstrong 238-630, Debbie Harris 257-580.

Youngstown News, area bowling scores

Still, Notre Dame blew a 21-point lead, gave up 336 yards rushing and allowed 23 first downs. Golson made sure it didn’t matter, throwing for 315 yards and leading the Irish to three fourth-quarter TDs. View gallery Notre Dame running back Tarean Folston (25) celebrates his touchdown during the second half an NCAA ”Our offense was putting up a lot of points for us,” safety Max Redfield said. ”We understood that. They scored way too many more points than they had to.” There were problems on the offensive side, too. Golson threw an interception late in the first half to fuel Navy’s comeback and the Irish went scoreless in the third quarter while Navy completed a run of 24 straight points.

Notre Dame content to win with prolific offense – Yahoo Sports

Burns, $250; David M Ring, $250. Curtis Zeringue, $250; Timothy A Sr. Blakeman, $250; Mary C Bond, $250; Mary C Bond, $250; Belinda H Cavell, $250; Daniel Cavell, $250; Edgardo R Diaz, $250; Leo P Hebert, $250; Leo P Hebert, $250; Steven Marcello, $250; William Charles Melancon, $250; Cynthia R Riche, $250. Ray J Riche, $250; Albert J Waguespack Jr., $250; Philip Chiasson, $200; Leo P Hebert, $200; Wanda Rodrigue, $200; Gloria T Matherne, $100; Ronald D Brooks, $100; Allen J Ellender Jr., $100; Leo P Hebert, $100. U.S.


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