Comet Landing Beats Kim Kardashian On The Internet – Estes Park Trail-gazette

desperate times call for desperate measures. According to the Wall Street Journal — yes, they also write about Kim Kardashian, which makes me feel a little better — Internet traffic concerning Thursday’s historic comet landing of the Philae lander outpaced that of Paper magazine’s release of Kim Kardashian photos basically showing the world her naked body (which it had seen before, but it’s the Internet, so …). The headline promised Kardashian’s full Kim Kardashian sex tape photos would “break the Internet.” This November 13, 2014 handout photo shows the surface of the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet as seen from the Philae lander. (Photo ESA via Getty Images) Not even close. Al Gore must’ve made it stronger than we thought. The Journal reported the main hashtags used were #CometLanding and #BreakTheInternet, but to be more comprehensive, the publication included tweets containing the words “comet” and “Kardashian.” During the first 24 hours of the head-to-head matchup, the spaceship racked up 479,434 tweets, versus Kardashian’s 307,782.

Last week the curvaceous 34-year-old created a stir when she bared her body in US-based Paper magazine with the caption “Break the Internet”. One of the poses, in which she was wearing a black-sequined gown, shows her pouring champagne into a glass balanced on her bottom. “And they say I didn’t have a talent… try balancing a champagne glass on your ass LOL,” she tweeted about the photo-shoot. In May Kardashian tied the knot with rapper Kanye West in the Italian city of Florence.

From Jonathan Gruber to Kim Kardashian: Why American Leadership Is Broken – ABC News

Of course not, to both of these. At a time when women want to be taken seriously and enter into leadership positions, Kardashian apparently merely wanted continued fame and fortune for their own sake. Bill Greene/The Boston Globe via Getty Images PHOTO: MIT professor of economics, Jonathan Gruber, at his home, June 29, 2012. Jonathan Gruber, the MIT professor and adviser for the Obama administration on health care policy, seemed to claim in videotaped comments from 2013 that it was OK to play hide the ball with the public, with assumptions made about “the stupidity of the American voter” in the process of getting the Affordable Care Act passed. He may as well have quoted Machiavelli by getting the health care reform accomplished by any means necessary because he and others knew that it was the right thing for an ignorant public. When asked about his comments in a television interview, Gruber said, “I was speaking off the cuff and I basically spoke inappropriately.” Sen.

Kim Kardashian Buying Private Island? Wants To Build Amusement Park For North West

The show is similar in format to Americas Big Brother , and follows models and actors that are locked in a home together for 90 days without phone or internet access. According to The Telegraph , over 150 million viewers tuned in to watch Bigg Boss seventh season last year, making it the most viewed reality show in India. Despite last years success, the ratings seem to be falling, and they are hoping by having Kim come on as a guest star, the ratings will start increasing again. On Sunday, after the appearance was announced, Kim issued a statement in Hindi which translates to, Hello India I, Kim Kardashian, am coming to India in Bigg Bosss house. The statement added that Kim, who will be visiting India for the first time, will be making an appearance on Saturday to interact with the contestants. Kardashian is not the first person to make a guest appearance on the show.

Kim Kardashian To Appear On Indian Reality Show | WebProNews

All in 1 week! Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) November 15, 2014 New Idea magazine reports that its likely that Kim would rename the island Isle Kardashian , and a water slide and ferris wheel are key attractions that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wants Norths amusement park to have. Kim would certainly have plenty of room to build a theme park for baby North if she ends up buying the private island in Australia. Caldwell Banker CG Realty Group in Queensland states that the 23.25 acre island looks towards the east over the surrounding Islands and beyond to the Great Barrier Reef. Sounds like the view from North Wests future ferris wheel would also be pretty spectacular. This truly is a private Island fit for a movie star or recluse celebrity.


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